Georgia Car Window Tint Law

We get a lot of questions concerning what is the legal tint in Georgia. This page is dedicated to inform you about the current car window tinting law in Atlanta and the entire the State of Georgia, and will give you detailed information about films that are legal, not legal, as well as exemptions for drivers that have a medical condition needing added protection from the sun.

Please read all the info below which are helpful, and will give you some insight on making the best window film choice for your personal needs. There is also a reference graphic on the bottom of this page that outlines automotive window tinting laws and regulations on Cars, Trucks, Vans and SUV's.

Before you decide on what film to choose, you should always consider what is the legal tint in Georgia. Penalties can be harsh if you decide to go past what is the legal limit for window tinting on your vehicle.

Read on for more detailed information, and of course you are welcome to call us or email us if you have questions concerning the State of Georgia Window Tinting law.


How Dark Can Window Tint Be In Georgia?

Window tint is measured by Visible Light Transmission percentage [VLT%]. In Georgia, this percentage refers to percentage of visible light allowed in through the combination of film and the window. 

Passenger Car Window Tint

  • Windshield Non-reflective tint is allowed on the top 6 inches of the windshield.

  • Front Side Window Tint Must allow more than 32% of light in.

  • Back Side Window Tinting Must allow more than 32% of light in.

  • Rear Window Auto Tint Must allow more than 32% of light in.

Truck, Van, and SUV Window Tint

Only the front door tinting is regulated on these vehicles. You are allowed to go as dark as you would like on all the windows behind the front 2 doors. Consult with one of our professional installers about the proper window tinting percentages for your vehicle before making a window film purchase.

State of Georgia Department of Public Safety Application For Exemption To The Window Tint Law

There is an application that you can fill out and submit to the State of Georgia that will allow you to have window tint that is darker than the law allows if you have a medical reason and need a darker VLT [Visible Light Transmission]. For persons with skin conditions, light sensitivity or any other medical condition that is aggravated because of exposure to the sun, you can have a darker film [Darker Than 32%] installed on your car as long as it is prescribed by a doctor.

You may want to also look at the Official State of Georgia website concerning the Window Tint Waiver Form.